are nevertap Products legal in competition?

While we try to create all of our products to the specifications that allow you to use it in all circumstances, we have found that few tournaments but most professional bouts restrict the use of protective gear. Please check the rules of your particular competition before using NeverTap products.

Are Nevertap products machine washable? 

Yes. You can safely machine wash all NeverTap Gear Products without concern of tear or shrinkage. 

How should I size my nevertap Knee guard?

In order to correctly fit for your NeverTap Knee Guard, please measure the circumference of your thigh, approximately 5 inches above the center of your knee. Then, correspond your thigh measurement with the "Suitable Thigh" sizing chart below. You may need to adjust the knee guard a few inches up or down to the get desired compression and comfort.


Suitable Thigh

Small - 12 inches - 15 inches

Medium - 15.5 Inches - 17.5 Inches

Large - 18 Inches - 20 Inches