Tomoe Gozen Rashguard

Tomoe Gozen Rashguard


NeverTap Gear’s new Tomoe Gozen rashguard features stunning images of histories most prolific female samurai Tomoe Gozen. Designed by MMA fighter Savannah Em, this exquisite rashguard truly captures the warrior spirit.

Notice - All Tomoe Gozen Rashguards are only available in woman's sizes until further notice.

"The subject of this rash guard is Tomoe Gozen, the most famous female samurai in history. Born in the twelfth century, Tomoe was renowned for both her looks and her skills in swordsmanship, horsemanship and archery. She gained fame for beheading an enemy samurai during the battle of Awazu. This particular painting is meant to capture both her fearsomeness as a warrior as well as her beauty. 

The author of the art used to create this rash guard is someone who understands well the combination of beauty and fighting spirit: Savannah Em is an artist as well as an MMA fighter currently signed to ONE Championship." - Daniele Bolelli

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